You're probably expecting a long professional-sounding paragraph about this company, but this probably will be the least of that. I am just an ordinary 20 year old that had no idea what I wanted to do with my life after graduating high school. I did not have big college plans, I only signed up for community, and was lost on what to do during and after. All I knew was that I had a passion for something, and I found out on August 2014. I started this then with the name 'Jewlz by Ez' with just one item that I made from arts&crafts store items during my senior year and wore it around a lot. I had many comments on that one choker by my friends and even social media followers! The idea then came to me that I should let others wear it too. I put it up for sale, never thinking it would be where it is today. Stargaze now has over many products and I hope that it will continue expanding. It is now called Stargaze because it has a greater meaning. Ever since I was young, I loved looking up at the stars and love everything about the sky itself. It just simply amazes me how big the universe is and everything in it, so I decided to add everything that revolves around the sky, also having other simple trendy pieces and make them into jewelry for everyday wear! With the ups and downs of starting a company and still growing it all with my team, we learn something new everyday. We strive for perfection, take our comments, questions and inputs seriously and really do our best to work on everything and to just make everyone happy and feel beautiful in our handmade products. I hope you like my pieces and maybe get some for your friends, family, or the best - yourself! ♡
I hope that one day I can inspire and help you start your own business, or any dreams you have, because anything is possible and it may be the next big thing! :)

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