Secret Giveaway

Hi there... You just got lucky! 
Welcome to our secret photography giveaway. We love to host contests on our pages and this is a top secret one we thought of and hope it will be fun (you know about this because you read our card in the mail... thanks & enjoy!)
We will do this giveaway every month and email/DM/tweet/comment the winner on our social pages:
How to enter and win a $100 Stargaze gift card:
1. Post the best photo of you in your jewelry on either Twitter/Instagram or both (or just a cute photo of the jewelry laying around somewhere, idk be artsy as possible because we'll look for the best photos!) with the hashtag #stargazejewelry and/or tag us. Share the discount code in your caption "SECRET15" for your friends/family to use anytime! Make sure you are not on private so we can see your photos, if you'd like to stay on private just message a screenshot of the post to us!
2. Must be following @stargazejewelry on Insta + Twitter
3. That's it!
We will pick a winner once every month. You may post how many ever times as you'd like to and the same winners may be chosen again.